The benefits of undertaking a work placement for a Law Graduate

The benefits of undertaking a work placement for a Law Graduate

I recently had the opportunity to complete a work placement at Appleman Legal, and it has been an enriching experience that exceeded my expectations. As a recent graduate of an undergraduate law degree, I was eager to apply my theoretical knowledge to practical skills and gain valuable insights into the legal profession. Appleman Legal stood out to me as an ideal choice for several reasons.

Choose your areas of law

Firstly, when I was considering work experience opportunities, I was particularly interested in exploring areas of law that aligned with my passion and interest. Mental health law has always intrigued me due to its unique blend of legal expertise and compassionate advocacy. Upon discovering that Appleman Legal specialised in this field, I was immediately drawn to the firm and its commitment to addressing the legal needs of individuals facing mental health challenges. This alignment of interests made it clear to me that Appleman Legal was the perfect place to gain hands-on experience while pursuing my passion for helping others through the legal system.

Choose the firm

From the moment I reached out to Appleman Legal, their warm and welcoming approach solidified my decision. The firm's staff members were incredibly supportive and accommodating. They understood the importance of nurturing and mentoring aspiring legal professionals, and they created an environment that fostered growth and learning. Their willingness to invest time and effort into guiding me through various legal tasks and providing valuable feedback made me feel valued and encouraged.

As I embarked on my work placement, I found that Appleman Legal not only met but exceeded my expectations. The firm's dedication to its clients' well-being and their commitment to achieving justice in mental health cases was evident in every aspect of their work. I had the opportunity to engage in a wide range of tasks, from legal research to drafting documents. The team at Appleman Legal ensured that I was involved in meaningful work, enabling me to witness first-hand the positive impact of their efforts on individuals' lives.

Embracing the firm’s working culture

Moreover, the supportive and collaborative work culture at Appleman Legal allowed me to learn from experienced professionals who were always willing to answer my questions and share their knowledge. The open-door policy encouraged a free exchange of ideas and fostered a sense of camaraderie among the team. I was fortunate to have a mentor who provided invaluable guidance and encouraged me to think critically and creatively, which significantly enhanced my understanding of mental health law and the legal profession as a whole.

Share your feedback

Overall, my work placement at Appleman Legal has been an outstanding experience. It has reinforced my passion for law and deepened my understanding of the unique challenges and rewards of practising in the mental health law field. The firm's dedication to professionalism, compassion, and client-centred advocacy has left a lasting impression on me, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of their team.

The work placement has proven to be beneficial to me – I now have a better understanding of what the work really entails – it has also been helpful to get an insight into the day to day life of a solicitor, something they don’t teach you at university !

I would highly recommend Appleman Legal to any aspiring legal professional seeking a work experience opportunity that combines a supportive environment, a commitment to mental health law, and an unwavering dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals facing mental health challenges.

The 5 steps to starting your journey.

1.       Firstly, choose your areas of law which interests you

2.       Secondly, shortlist a few firms specialising in these areas of law and do your research on these firms

3.       Thirdly, choose your preferred firm based on their profile & specialism and make contact  

4.       Fourth, tailor your application accordingly and send it early

5.       Finally, prepare yourself by reading up beforehand and making a task list for things to learn whilst you undertake this placement.

Gizem Yilmaz
Work Placement Law Graduate
Appleman Legal
July 2023