Neermal Soburrun

Neermal Soburrun of Appleman Legal has been working on my case for a year and a half and has gone beyond the remit of most solicitors to fight my corner...I would happily recommend this firm to anyone. I am very happy with their service and professionalism.


Trainee Solicitor

Areas of Practice

    Mental Health
    Power of Attorney

Neermal is an experienced trainee solicitor and has acquired extensive experience of over 9 years working in numerous law firms from different jurisdictions. He is a strong team player and always aims to exceed our clients’ expectations. 
Neermal has completed his Legal Practice Course at the University of Hertfordshire and is currently undertaking a training contract with our firm. 
Prior to joining Appleman Legal, Neermal worked for leading law firms in Mauritius where he assisted senior counsels in Corporate, Civil and Family matters before the Courts of Mauritius and other institutions. Neermal has a particular interest in ‘Execution of Foreign Judgements’ in the UK courts. Over the years, Neermal has acquired extensive experience in Will drafting, registrations of Wills and Codicils, assisting clients with the administration of their estates, drafting power of Attorneys with specific instructions to Attorneys, assisting Attorneys’ in their execution of their duties and responsibilities and assisting clients in executing wills and/or in their application for letter of administrations under the intestacy rules. Neermal has the ability to develop legal strategies and objectives with a view to achieve the best results for our clients. 
Neermal is well versed with the “CODE CIVIL” French and Mauritian Napoleonic code. He has an established relationship with leading counsels practising in Mauritian civil legal jurisdiction


    LPC - University of Herefordshire
    LLB - University of Wales