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Care Proceedings

If Social Services are concerned for the welfare of a child, then the legal process known as care proceedings will begin. This can be an extremely distressing time for parents, but our family law team are on hand to help you through this difficult process.

Under section 17 of the Children Act 1989, a local authority has a duty to help and support any child they identify as ‘in need’. A child in need is someone who, without the support of the local authority, is:

    Unlikely to achieve/maintain, or have the opportunity to achieve/maintain, a reasonable standard of health or development
    Likely to suffer a significant impairment to their health or development

What is an Interim Care Order?

When care proceedings start, an Interim Care Order can be made to make temporary care decisions for the child. These Orders can last up to eight weeks at first and be renewed every four weeks.

What is a Care Order and how is it made?

Care Orders will give the local authority parental responsibility and the right to decide where the child should live. A Care Order cannot be made for a child who is 17 years old.

The local authority can apply to the Court for a Care Order if they believe a child is at risk of suffering significant harm. The Court must be satisfied that the child is at risk due to the level of care they are getting or that the child is beyond parental control. 

How long does a Care Order last?

A Care Order will stay in place until the child is 18 years old although it can end earlier for certain reasons, such as if the child is adopted or the Order is discharged.

If an application for a Care Order is made, or you believe care proceedings are about to start, it is vital to seek legal advice as soon as possible. 


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