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Legalisation (Apostille) & Attestation Services Solicitors

Appleman Legal can assist you with your Apostille applications for a fixed fee. We are also authorised by the Lord Chancellor to provide attestation services for administering oaths, taking affidavits and statuary declarations for a fixed fee. 

Apostille Service

Powers of Attorney for Worldwide Use 

Statutory Declarations and Affidavits

Sponsorship Declarations


What does it cost?

Standard service
Our legal fees are £120 (excluding VAT ) for each document to process your Apostille (legalisation) application. There is an Apostile fee of £ 30 (no VAT) for each document and a courier fee of £ 5. The current turnaround timescale is between 10-20 working days.
Express service – 4 working days
We offer an express service with a turnaround of 4 working days. Our legal fees for this service is £ 200+ VAT. There is an Apostile fee of £ 75 (no VAT) for each document sent. The current turnaround timescale is 4 working days from document drop off at our office.
Premium service – 48 hours
Our fees for our Premium Apostille Service is £ 300 + VAT. There is an Apostile fee of £75 (no VAT) for each document sent. The current turnaround timescale is 48 hours from document drop off at our office.

What is an Apostille?

Apostille (legalisation) is a certificate and embossed seal applied on the requested document and confirms the validity of a document, signature, stamp, or seal.
You can get certain official UK documents 'apostilled' (‘legalised’) by asking the Foreign Commonwealth Office to confirm that the signature, stamp or seal is from a UK public official.
You might need to do this if an official in another country has asked you to provide a UK document and they’ve said it must be apostilled (legalised).
Appleman Legal will check the document, including whether the signature, stamp or seal is genuine. They’ll then have it legalised by attaching a stamped official certificate (an ‘apostille’) to it.
You cannot get documents issued outside the UK legalised using this service - get them legalised in the country they were issued.

Need a Power of Attorney Drafted for use in the UK or abroad?

Powers of Attorney for Worldwide Use Lawyers London

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Powers of Attorney for Worldwide Use 

You would normally get the document drawn up by your lawyer in the relevant overseas jurisdiction, and this is what we recommend. We cannot generally advise on overseas law. If you require us to prepare the Power of Attorney for your use then we will do so and prepare a standard form document for you, but this is fully at your own risk. If the document is then unacceptable to the receiving jurisdiction then you will of course incur additional expense, as well as delay, in asking either us, or an overseas lawyer to draw up the document, so it is best to get it right the first time.


We often draw up Powers of Attorney for Commonwealth (or former Commonwealth) countries, and an English Power of Attorney is accepted. We do these mostly for the Mauritian, Indian and Pakistani Jurisdiction.
If you require us to do this for you, then we require the following information from you:

    The full name and address of the person giving the Power (i.e. the Donor);
    The full name and address of the person to act on the Donor’s behalf (i.e. the Attorney);
    The full name of the father of the Donor;
    The full name of the father of the Attorney;
    The address of the land/property;
    What ‘transaction’ needs to be dealt with;
    A passport photo for each Donor.

Indian / Pakistani / Mauritian Powers of Attorney

We would recommend that you bring a passport sized photograph for each Donor, as Indian/Pakistani / Mauritian authorities generally like to see these affixed to the Power of Attorney.

Statutory Declarations and Affidavits

A statutory declaration is a legal document, and is commonly used to allow a person to affirm something to be true for the purposes of satisfying a legal requirement or regulation, where no other evidence is available.
An affidavit is very similar, but it is a sworn document, and is often used for matters to do with court.
We can prepare the statutory declaration or affidavit for you. Our fees for the preparation of this type of formal legal document range between £80 and £150, depending on what is required.
You will need to let us know what guidance you have been provided with, and email to us the detail of the content of the document, and we can then prepare the document in legal form.

Sponsorship Declarations

Sponsorship Declarations no longer (for several years now) need to have a notarial signature and seal, and can be attested by a qualified Solicitor. Our Solicitors charge £5 (cash fee) for dealing with this for you. The document needs to be fully completed beforehand, but you must not sign it until you see the Solicitor. The Solicitor will not check anything, but just require you to certify that the details you have given are correct and sign the document.
We may need to see the following original documents:

    UK driving licence to confirm address (or original and recent (i.e. less than 3 months old) utility bill or bank statement with name and address;
    Evidence of occupation stated – i.e. one or more of payslip, employment contract, pension book, accounts – which states occupation;
    Evidence of earnings stated – i.e. one or more of payslip, employment contract, pension book, accounts, tax return, letter from accountant – which verifies earnings figure stated;
    Bank statement from relevant bank verifying figure stated; and
    Title deeds verifying ownership of property – these can be downloaded from the Land Registry for £3.

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