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Redundancy & Settlement Agreements London & Southeast

Settlement agreements may be used as they can provide a significant degree of protection to employers when making redundancies. If you are an employee with questions about redundancies and settlement agreements, please contact our team for personalised advice.


Settlement Agreements


Redundancy arises where a job ceases to exist. Employees have various rights during a redundancy process and the onus is on the employer to make sure that that they have done everything correctly and that the employee has been treated fairly.


Redundancy is a form of dismissal from your job; however, it is not the same thing as being sacked. You might be made redundant if:

    Your workplace is closing down
    Your job no longer exists
    The business, or your role in the business, has moved to another location
    Less employees are required to do your job

Employees are entitled to notice before being made redundant and this notice period will be based on the length of your employment.

Redundancy pay

If you have worked for the same employer for at least two years, you are entitled to statutory redundancy pay (there is a cap for statutory redundancy pay though contractual statutory pay can be higher). The amount that you receive will depend on your age.
Your employer may consider a settlement agreement rather than redundancy in certain cases to protect them against future claims. If you require advice on any redundancy matter, the team at Appleman Legal can help.

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Redundancy & Settlement Agreements Solicitors London & Southeast

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Settlement Agreements

Settlement agreements (formerly compromise agreements) are legally binding contracts for an employer and employee to settle any claims that have arisen under the employment relationship or due to the termination of employment. These agreements result in the employee waiving their rights to bring a claim against the employer in return for a severance payment.

Settlement agreements can be used in a wide variety of employment issues to resolve a grievance that has arisen or to deal with the termination of employment including equal pay, holiday pay issues and redundancy.

What does a settlement agreement include?

Where these agreements are used in relation to the termination of employment, they can cover a whole range of issues such as:

    The relevant notice period and whether the employee is expected to work this in full.
    What the redundancy package will be for the employee.
    Holiday pay and any applicable bonuses.
    What tax-free sum is being offered

If you accept a settlement agreement, you will be waiving future employment claims there are various requirements that need to be in place to protect the employee and make sure that the agreement is fair. 
You must obtain independent legal advice before you agree to a settlement agreement. These agreements can be very technical and use complicated legal language. It is very important that they are carefully compiled and analysed to make sure that they are legally valid. 
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Redundancy & Settlement Agreements Solicitors London & Southeast

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